Производитель: Yongnuo
Модель: YN60SOFT
Наличие: В наличии
Без НДС: $0.00

*Lightweight design, portable lightning equipment
Intelligent adjustment design, which is convenient for you to quickly adjust the value.
*Built-in 7.2v /2600mAh battery, which can provide long battery life.
* Equipped with USB-C charging port,which makes charging more easy and convenient.
*The color temperature is accurate and wide; the color temperature changes with high Ra value from 2000k to 10000k.
*With broadcast-grade color rendering coefficient as reference index for modulating light source, even if the color temperature reaches the numerical limit, it can maintain the quality of the light source of Ra≥80.
*36000 wide color gamut HSI; supports 31 light effects modes.
*Equipped with 2.4G frequency band communication protocol, remote signal can be transferred within a single band, which reduces the  interference of the WIFI and 4G signal within the range of scenario, the effective control distance is up to 15M and this model provide 256 channels accessible for other LED lights.
*YONGNUO photographic lighting product series include studio lights, flat-panel camera lights, portable fill lights and LED stick lights.
*Integrated aluminum structure design, lightweight, easy to carry
*Three-sided magnetic attraction; five angle adjustments are provided. This model comes with back-attached magnets (complimentary), which makes lighting easy in various usage scenarios.
*Supports YONGNUO LED wireless control system. A mobile phone or a remote control can control 256 groups of video lights with different channels.
Color temperature: 2000K-10000K and RGB full color
Remote control distance: less than 15M
Output power: 20W
Charging power: 20W
100% illumination: 7000K: 0.3M=4207Lux; 0.5M=1978Lux; 1M=706Lux
R: 0.3M=1169Lux; 0.5M=887Lux; 1M=206Lux
G: 0.3M=3560Lux; 0.5M=1696Lux; 1M=587Lux
B: 0.3M=861Lux; 0.5M=404Lux; 1M=136Lux
Product Weight: about 425g 
Illumination angle: 110 degrees
Product Volume: 580*45*44mm


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